[CentOS-devel] Latest podman installation broken in CentOS

Alan Pevec

apevec at redhat.com
Sun May 27 17:02:14 UTC 2018

>>> Error: Package: podman-0.5.3-7.gitc54b423.el7.x86_64
>>> (virt7-container-common-candidate)
>>>             Requires: conmon >= 2:1.10.0-3.gitb0f6d98
>>>             Installed: conmon-1.11.0-1.git55a3daa.el7.x86_64
>>> (@virt7-container-common-candidate)
>>>                 conmon = 1.11.0-1.git55a3daa.el7

> Is it resolved now? I am trying to build minishift centos ISO and want
> to have podman but looks like due to this conflict I can't have it as
> of now.

I was going to say that using builds from -candidate is not safe, but
in this case even builds in Virt SIG testing repo have the problem
with the Epoch.
AFAICT Virt SIG builds are rebuilt from Fedora spec where we have in cri-o.spec
%if 0%{?fedora}
Epoch: 2

but it's unconditional in Fedora podman.spec:
Requires: conmon >= 2:1.10.0-3.gitb0f6d98


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