[CentOS-devel] LinchPin v1.6.4 (Enhancement Release) is now available

Clint Savage

herlo at redhat.com
Thu Nov 1 22:28:12 UTC 2018

 We are happy to announce the release of LinchPin v1.6.4! (Cackle!)

This release has the following enhancements:

* Remove duplicate task in dummy provider #729
* Make validation functions public #722
* Update openshift role to fetch creds from `--creds-path` #711 (#675)
* Make 'linchpin init' use 'linchpin fetch' #743

This release contains the following documentation/testing:

* Make docs build in python3 #728 (Fixes #701)
* Initial getting started tutorial #758 (Addresses first part of #757)
* Make integration tests use individual workspaces #732

This release fixes the following bugs/regressions:

* Fix spelling errors in linchpin up output #735
* Fix indentation of aws-sg-new target #734
* Fix workspaces/duffy PinFile #745 (Fixes bug found in #732)
* Fix error with aws teardown #744

The official release notes are available at

This update is available via PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/linchpin/

If you discover any errors or regressions, please open a Github issue (


Clint Savage, Release Manager
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
twitter: @herlo, github: herlo, IRC: herlo, #linchpin (freenode)
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