[CentOS-devel] Centpkg and the converged git project

Brian Stinson

brian at bstinson.com
Fri Nov 16 04:45:41 UTC 2018

 Hi Folks,
 I've done a bit of work on centpkg, now that we have a testbed at
 git.stg.centos.org. The goal here is to allow centpkg and fedpkg
 (Fedora's site) to both understand the different formats. The test
 version of centpkg described below is the first step in that direction.
 Basically you can try this out by pulling a container image:
 `podman pull quay.io/bstinsonmhk/centpkg:develop`
 Why a container image?
  - The patches to make this happen involve invasive changes to rpkg,
    that are still in flight (basically,
  - I wanted to bake in the sources and  configs to develop this a little
    faster as we find problems.
 What's included, and where to file bugs?
  - centpkg from:
  - rpkg from:
  - fedpkg from:
 Here's how I run it for testing CentOS packages (substitute your centos
 user certificate and a path to RPMs to fit your workstation):
 `podman run --rm -it -v
 /home/bstinson/.centos.cert:/home/centpkg-user/.centos.cert:Z -v
 If you're a SIG member, you can push to a sig branch. For example, if I
 was a mamber of the atomic SIG I could do:
     # Clone the repo
     $ centpkg clone -b c7 a2ps
     # Download the sources from C7
     $ centpkg sources
     # Change to a SIG branch
     $ git checkout -b c7-sig-atomic-cockpit-preview
     # Manual push is needed here until we work out a way to register the
     # new branches
     $ git push -u origin c7-sig-atomic-cockpit-preview
     # Upload sources to the SIG branch in the lookaside
     $ centpkg upload SOURCES/a2ps-4.14.tar.gz SOURCES/i18n-fonts-0.1.tar.gz
     # CBS does not yet build from SCM, so still need srpms
     $ centpkg scratch-build --srpm
     # Try out a fedora branch
     $ centpkg switch-branch f28
     $ centpkg clean
     # From a Fedora branch this should use your Fedora creds 
     $ centpkg scratch-build # this should work with Fedora's ko
 What I need help with:
     - Review the open PRs to rpkg as they come in
     - Help me find more places where we need to use the new 'Layout'
       objects (that is where rpkg has paths hard-coded)
     - Test Fedora workflows, and other commands with centpkg 
     - Help add new commands
         - to request SIG branches
         - to translate from one layout to another (ex. bringing a Fedora
           branch into a CentOS SIG branch)
 Happy building!

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