[CentOS-devel] [CentOS-docs] Authorization to use CentOS logo in GNOME Boxes

Jim Perrin

jperrin at centos.org
Tue Nov 27 18:52:01 UTC 2018

On 11/26/18 9:43 PM, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 4:42 AM Ladar Levison via CentOS-devel
> <centos-devel at centos.org> wrote:
>>> Who will prepare the logo?  I do not know, we could use a volunteer.
>> I had to track down SVG logo files for the Robox website. Not sure, is
>> this what you need?
>> https://roboxes.org/res/centos.svg
> That's exactly the one we'd like to use!

While not that logo directly, https://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork/Brand/Logo
has several, and some detailed descriptions.

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