[CentOS-devel] Problems with qemu-img when generating Vagrant images

Tue Oct 2 15:05:59 UTC 2018
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 08/31/2018 03:34 PM, Laurentiu Pancescu wrote:
> After generating new images including open-vm-tools, Michael Vermaes
> gracefully helped us by testing them with VMware Fusion.  The VMware
> images don't boot, complaining about XFS corruption:
>> XFS (dm-0): Mounting V5 Filesystem
>> XFS (dm-0): totally zeroed log
>> XFS (dm-0): Corruption warning: Metadata has LSN (3:6277) ahead of
>> current
>> LSN (1:0). Please unmount and run xfs_repair (>= v4.3) to resolve.
> The VirtualBox image boots without issues, but with XFS corruption
> affecting both the VMware and the libvirt images, I'm not so sure
> anymore that qemu-img is the reason.
> On 27/07/18 21:03, Laurentiu Pancescu wrote:
>> My attempts to build Vagrant images are failing the automated tests
>> since the beginning of July, apparently due to corrupt filesystems.  I
>> see XFS metadata corruption in the CentOS 7 images when using
>> qemu-img-ev, as well as ext4 superblock corruption in the CentOS 6
>> images.[1]
>> The distro installer runs just once and the resulting disk image is
>> converted by Image Factory to different formats, depending on the
>> virtualization target.  Since the VirtualBox images are working as
>> expected, while the libvirt images don't even boot due to filesystem
>> corruption, I would assume that the installation produces a valid
>> image, but the conversion of the disk images for libvirt-kvm fall prey
>> to bugs in qemu-img-ev and the stock qemu-img.  If anyone has the
>> possibility to test with VmWare or Hyper-V, please write me off-list.
>> I noticed that qemu-img-ev is at version 2.1.2, while Debian Stable
>> has version 2.8 and Fedora 28 has version 2.11.  Maybe such bugs, if
>> real, were already fixed upstream - would it be possible to use a
>> newer version than what qemu-img-ev provides?  We reverted to using
>> the EL7 qemu-img, but this still produces broken libvirt images and
>> wețd have to drop the Hyper-V images as well.
>> Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
>> Best regards,
>> Laurențiu

I see new vagrant images here:



Are those ready for release?

Johnny Hughes

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