[CentOS-devel] CentOS Community Container Pipeline: re-architecture migration window: complete

Wed Oct 3 08:45:17 UTC 2018
Bamacharan Kundu <bkundu at redhat.com>


On 9/27/18 3:52 PM, Bamacharan Kundu wrote:
> Hi,
>    Since last few  months, we were working on re-architecturing the
> CentOS Community Container Pipeline Service to make
> https://registry.centos.org as a stable and reliable source for CentOS
> based container images.
>    We are now done with the changes for better throughput and stability.
> We are working on deploying the new service in production in coming
> weekend (between 28th Sep 2018- 1st Oct 2018). During this time service
> will be in maintenance mode. We will not be building new images for
> registry.centos.org. Existing images will not be updated based on RPM,
> or git source updates.
>   However, during this migration registry.centos.org will be available
> to pull images from. We are trying to make sure the down time for CentOS
> Community Container pipeline service is minimal.
> Service:    https://registry.centos.org
> Maintenance window:  Service will not have downtime
> Impact: Users will be able to pull images from https://registry.centos.org
> Service: CentOS Container Community Pipeline Service
> Maintenance window: 28th Sep 2018 to 1st Oct 2018 (We are working on to
> make it minimal)
> Impact: PRs to https://github.com/centos/container-index will not be
> merged and no image updates are pushed to registry.centos.org.

We are now running the CentOS Container Pipeline Service in new

Build throughput improved a lot, now we can build images in parallel.
We have better tractability in overall system. Builds are running
normally, and containers are getting rebuilt in case of git push to the
source repository or parent image rebuilt.

We are currently working on
 * getting rebuilds based on RPM update in the container.
 * showing the real time status along with build logs in
registry.centos.org UI.

Bamacharan Kundu

> Sorry for the inconvenience, we will keep posted.
> Regards
> Bama Charan Kundu