[CentOS-devel] SIG reporting

Mon Oct 22 15:25:49 UTC 2018
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

At the recent SIG day at CERN, we discussed more formal reporting from 
the SIGs to the broader community. In particular, we discussed quarterly 
reporting, covering the following topics:

* Membership update (members added, removed. Chair changes.)
* Releases in the most recent quarter (or most recent release, if none 
in that quarter)
* Health report and general activity narrative.
* Issues for the board to address, if any.

So, this is 4 short paragraphs, to give the board, and the community, 
some idea of what the SIG is up to, and whether it is healthy. Not 
terribly onerous, but extremely valuable in discerning how our SIGs are 

It was proposed that SIGs be arrange in a quarterly reporting schedule. 
I suggest the following schedule, starting in January of 2019:

Group 1:

Reports January, April, July, October

* Core
* Atomic
* Config Management
* PaaS
* Software Collections

Group 2:

Reports February, May, August, November

* Alt Arch
* Cloud
* Promo
* Storage

Group 3:

Reports March, June, September, December

* Artwork
* Cloud Instance
* OpsTools
* Public CI
* Virtualization

I further propose that reports are due by the second Monday in the 
designated month.

To this end, it is important that each SIG clearly designate a SIG 
chair, documented on your SIG wiki page. Some SIGs have this, and some 
do not. Some that have it are out of date, and the SIG needs to 
designate a chair again.

Note that the chair is not necessarily a technical lead, they're just 
the person responsible for reporting - the voice of the SIG, if you will.

If you have any questions or comments about this plan, please do speak 
up, so that we can work out any difficulties by January.


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