[CentOS-devel] multistage booting and grubby

Tue Oct 30 20:10:38 UTC 2018
Element, Paul-Emile <Paul-Emile.Element at windriver.com>


We are working with a system configure to boot using tboot

Using grub2 and multiboot2, we have grub2 booting tboot and then booting centos.

Grub2 fully supports this scenario and it works fine.

The problem we have is that some centos packages use grubby to modify the boot configuration / boot parameters. Grubby does not appear to have any support for this, and so all invocations of grubby end up doing nothing and fail silently.

Question is, would you know if there is any plan to add support for multiboot2 in an upcoming version of grubby?


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