[CentOS-devel] [NFS-Ganesha-Support] Re: CentOS 7 Dependency Issues surrounding userspace-rcu

Tue Aug 13 14:56:20 UTC 2019
Giulio Fidente <gfidente at redhat.com>

On 8/8/19 4:01 PM, Kaleb Keithley wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 9:38 AM Kaleb Keithley <kkeithle at redhat.com
> <mailto:kkeithle at redhat.com>> wrote:
>         If there is a need for it then it should probably provide lttng
>         packages
>         as well, as they typically require a certain version of urcu.
>     Centos, or more accurately, the Ceph builds in the Storage SIG,
>     provide the lttng-ust packages that were (apparently) used to build
>     ganesha. I say apparently because I don't see where else they could
>     have come from. Looks like I need to tag those into the ganesha-28
>     repos.
> Answering my own question, I just checked the BuildTarget for
> ganesha-2.8 does inherit from Ceph.  But I think this makes a case that
> lttng-ust should now probably be a storage7-common-* thing instead of Ceph.
sounds good to me and in that case we might untag it from the ceph repos

adding Ken on CC for him to review and ack/nack
Giulio Fidente