[CentOS-devel] Reasoning behind RHEL8 packages without corresponding -devel?

Sun Aug 25 04:51:29 UTC 2019
Mihai Moldovan <ionic at ionic.de>

* On 8/25/19 6:04 AM, Anthony Alba wrote:
> (Of course, we should be asking RH... but nevertheless)
> EPEL 8 has several issues regarding packages without corresponding
> -devel. E.g., libXvMC, libbluray. I see that this causes grief for
> EPEL 8 and collateral damage to RPMFusion.

EPEL 8 does not have such a problem. EPEL 8 doesn't even include libbluray or
libXvMC (at the current point in time).

EPEL is a Fedora-maintained project supplying additional packages. It's
maintained by other people than CentOS.

> Did RH disclose the reason for this? Was there any discussion on where
> CentOS will put them, like in Extras perhaps?
> (I was rolling out some testing VMs in RHEL8 and OL8, and noticed the
> new but "unsupported" CodeReady repos with -devel packages; yet not
> all -devels are them.)

Right, the problem is isolated to RHEL 8. You're probably stumbling on some of
the rough edges of their release. Also note that there is no official CentOS 8
repository yet, so don't assume CentOS 8 will have the problem once it's released.

I have no Red Hat subscription so can't tell you what RH's repositories look
like. I did find source RPMs for the RHEL 8 beta, though, and looked into it.
The libbluray source package in there does define a -devel sub package, so it's
probably also generated at build time.

No idea where they, if they even do, publish it.

To be fair, RHEL not providing the -devel sub packages is not an immediate
concern or problem for the CentOS project, since the latter is rebuilding source
RPMs they get from RH(EL).

For libbluray, it's easy to see that a -devel package is generated and
published: https://koji.mbox.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1084

No need to worry.

As to why RH doesn't publish the packages... you really very much will have to
ask them.


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