[CentOS-devel] CPE Weekly:2019-12-06

Sat Dec 7 02:37:39 UTC 2019
Aoife Moloney <amoloney at redhat.com>

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the CPE team weekly project update mail!


The Community Platform Engineering group is the Red Hat team combining
IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS. Our goal is to keep
core servers and services running and maintained, build releases, and
other strategic tasks that need more dedicated time than volunteers
can give.

For better communication, we will be giving weekly reports to the
CentOS and Fedora communities about the general tasks and work being
done.  Also for better communication between our groups we have
created #redhat-cpe on Freenode IRC! Please feel free to catch us
there, a mail has landed on both the CentOS and Fedora devel lists
with context here.


This document is currently built from individual reports rolled into a
google document which we edit and copy into a final document. We are
aware that this causes problems with some email readers, and are
working on a method to make this less problematic.

High Level Project Updates:


Migrated this week (new pkg, new ansible-role):



Prepared to be migrated next week:


Kicked off : new ansible roles in progress for :

Bind to support dynamic delegated zone for acme dns-challenge

Mailman and postfix

CentOS Stream

We have our first compose gone to Red Hat Internal QA for testing

Other work still progressing on the builders


OSBS : aarch64 hosts ready for the deployment of an OpenShift cluster.


The Community Fire Team (CFT) is a team of people dedicated to fixing
bugs, annoyance and (small) RFE all around our applications. Their
work is tracked in taiga at:
https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/community-fire-team/kanban and
they use #fedora-apps for discussion and coordination.

As usual, anyone is welcome to join the team, for a day, a task or more!

This week CFT has achieved the following work:

Release and deploy pagure 5.8.1

Changelog at: https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/changelog.html#id1

Release and deploy pagure-dist-git 1.5.2

Fixes enabling the pull-request only workflow on dist-git

Fix getting the CI pipeline results to show on PR on dist-git

Fix the script syncing the default assignee and CC list from dist-git
to bugzilla

So far there were no negative feedback about the changes this script will do

Deploy the script syncing default assignee and CC list from dist-git
to bugzilla on openshift in staging

And is actively working on:

Enabling side-tag based updates in stable releases

Adding a new API endpoint to pagure to enable/disable git hooks

Adding tests for the fedora-messaging support in the JMS plugin (used
by ci.centos.org)

Making ansible-review work with the infrastructure's ansible repository

Fixing the mdapi integration on dist-git's package page

F31 Updates

 kojipkgs01/02 has been reinstalled

Robosign config for fcos has been updated

Rawhide Gating:

Team still welcomes any input and feedback on your experience with
Rawhide Gating to date as we move through our testing ahead of making
it generally available


Application Retirements


Elections are ready to be moved to Communishift!

The move will be planned after the current elections are over.


Still no progress on kanban board last six weeks

Jlanda’s permission error in communishift should now be fixed

There may be still another permission error so the team are investigating

Still working on running local instance


Benson Muite is now working on OIDC authentication

A PR will be created on Github to test if we can see the progress

New PR from sebwoj - Porting to Fedora messaging is under review

Autocloud retired

Tests of cloud images moved to openqa

Retired vm’s and removed from ansible

Turning bare metal nodes into builders.

Fedora Docs Updates

Open Tickets:








Koji production is upgraded to 1.19.1

Bodhi builds are now based on git

Changes added to Bodhi to add support for side-tags in stable releases
are pending reviews




Email with the Bugzilla-distgit sync script changes have been sent to
devel-announce for review

Link to mail

New changes to Pagure pending review:

New API endpoint to enable/disable git hooks

Ability to set dist-git in the default assignee overrides for bugzilla

Direct API interface

Button on the pagure package web interface

EPEL 8 modularity

Bodhi composes are stuck staging so this is causing a delay in testing
epel8 bodhi composes

epel8-playground-modules composes are failing right now in staging,
but the team are looking into it

Aarch64 is now racked and networked


New koji owner script was debugged

Koji client was updated

Koji was also patched for the --title option fix

Configured migrations from Ansible/Jinja template






Comments? Suggestions? Feedback? Let Us Know!

Have a great weekend!
Aoife Moloney

Feature Driver

Community Platform Engineering Team

Red Hat EMEA

Communications House

Cork Road