[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8 Artwork needed

Young, Gregory

gregory.young at solarwinds.com
Tue Mar 12 14:21:22 UTC 2019

My first thought on this is we need to refresh the logo. It has been essentially unchanged for 3 releases so far. Using the same in 8 would mean half our major releases have been using the same 10+ year old logo. I am not saying ditch the logo, rather review the current one, look at options, and if we want to stick with the current logo, we need to modernize it (crystalize, emoji-ize, whatever). Also remember, we now have support for 4K and better screens, so we need to ensure a very high resolution logo, or rasterize it so it scales cleanly from Cellphone to 8K desktop.

That said, I think a new logo is in order. The current one screams 2008.


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To all the artists and designers here, we need your help.

With RHEL 8 beta released, we need to start producing artwork for CentOS 8. It's time for the CentOS Artwork SIG, and anyone else that's interested in contributing to this effort, to start working on everything that will be needed for the new release.

What we know we need is anaconda artwork, and new desktop backgrounds to replace the current '7' themed stuff.

As we dig, we may find more things that need to be updated to the new 8 theme.

Additionally, we will need to update some of the assets listed here:

... and produce new assets for 8 to be listed here:

And, finally, we need someone to step up to lead this effort.

While we don't yet know for certain when RHEL 8 will officially release, it's safe to assume that it's soon, and we need your help.

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