[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8 Artwork needed

Tuomas Kuosmanen

tigert at redhat.com
Thu Nov 7 20:38:07 UTC 2019

On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 4:22 PM Young, Gregory <gregory.young at solarwinds.com>

> My first thought on this is we need to refresh the logo. It has been
> essentially unchanged for 3 releases so far. Using the same in 8 would mean
> half our major releases have been using the same 10+ year old logo. I am
> not saying ditch the logo, rather review the current one, look at options,
> and if we want to stick with the current logo, we need to modernize it
> (crystalize, emoji-ize, whatever). Also remember, we now have support for
> 4K and better screens, so we need to ensure a very high resolution logo, or
> rasterize it so it scales cleanly from Cellphone to 8K desktop.
> That said, I think a new logo is in order. The current one screams 2008.

Hello everyone, I am digging up an old thread since I wanted to talk about
the logo.

Let me reintroduce myself first. As a designer at Red Hat's Open Source
Program Office (OSPO, we love acronyms it seems) - I help several free and
open source communities and projects, and sadly I haven't been able to get
involved with each community very deeply. However, I have done designs and
swag for the events CentOS has had a presence.

CentOS has grown as a project over the years and it is no longer just a
Linux distribution - things like the Special Interest Groups are building
new things on top of CentOS. I think CentOS logo and branding could cover
the whole "umbrella" of what CentOS is today, if we wish to modernize it.
Yet we know the logo is the thing everyone recognizes and what is very big
part of the project identity.

We thought about this with a few colleagues as CentOS Stream needs a logo,
and the thought of modernising the brand came up as well.

I wanted to share a PDF with three ideas as a starting point, so we can
share our thoughts. (attached)

I do like the third concept, but I know it is quite brutal to the existing
logo we are used to, so it might not be realistic. On the other hand the
idea itself would work well for different SiG's etc where you have one
symbol that changes color for each sub project.. (but those arrows should
point to top right to give an idea of progressing forward).
The first one is of course the "safe" compromise that does not alter the
original logo, but I think it's worth discussing whether we would like to
modernise the logo and "CentOS" font at this point when we are working on

What do you think?

I apologise for the low resolution  images in the pdf, this mailing list
limits the size of attachments so I had to scale them quite small.

Tuomas / tigert
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