[CentOS-devel] Request to join Cloud Instance SIG (Ben Hosmer)

Sat Nov 9 20:21:15 UTC 2019
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

On 09/11/2019 13:32, Ben Hosmer wrote:
> Hey Karanbir, I was never able to find an official CentOS base image
> in the Azure marketplace. I saw a lot of references to the bitnami
> one, but I was hesitant to use something that didn't have the CentOS
> project's label on it. I wanted a bare minimum image. I wound up
> building my own and uploading a VHD. I assumed one didn't exist and
> wanted to help work towards that goal. If there is one that I wasn't
> able to find, could you point me in the right direction?

not having an official image in the marketplace is stuck on various
legal and contact pieces that microsoft wants to have in place.