[CentOS-devel] missing src.rpm for updated centos 8 kernels?

Thu Nov 21 09:40:57 UTC 2019
Antal Nemeš <Antal.Nemes at hycu.com>

> We are working on getting these out to vault. Our sync procedures are
> changing a little bit behind the scenes to make sure we can catch this a little
> bit easier in the future.
> --
> Brian Stinson

Thanks Brian!

Any timeline when we can expect the state to be synced? 
Should I submit a ticket or do we continue via mailing list?

I am now running a script on our local mirror (limited to x86_64 only) to find the missing src.rpms. Current tally is 570.

Script:  https://gist.github.com/antaln/4e6e29f100229293f5f599f26268711e
Output from today: https://gist.github.com/antaln/f0d0c34a690c6f585f7dd77ec4c5259e