[CentOS-devel] The Weekly Email Updates from CPE - Reason Unmasked :)

Aoife Moloney

amoloney at redhat.com
Thu Oct 17 15:49:19 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone,

By now you are probably wondering why there have been a few weekly emails
to the devel list updating you with CPE projects, and who is the person
sending them!

So ahead of tomorrow's update, I'd like to introduce myself :)

My name is Aoife Moloney and I recently started with the Community Platform
Engineering (CPE) team in September. I'm based out of the Waterford office
in Ireland have been with Red Hat since 2017. When the opportunity came
along to work closer to the culture of Red Hat by working with a team that
is at a more community level, I jumped at it!

My role with the CPE team is going to be a hybrid role of a Product Owner /
Project Manager and for one of my roles responsibilities, I wanted to give
a weekly update to the lists as an insight into what the CPE team have
worked on over the past week or so.

We as a team wanted to give more visibility on our work in the community
and in Red Hat, and also have an opportunity to engage with more
contributors for requests like call to arms, app retirement notices,
freezes, success stories we have, and anything else relevant :)

These updates are currently being mirrored at a much higher level in the
Fedora Project weekly blog
<https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fpgm-report-2019-38/> and I hope
to do the same for the CentOS side give maximum visibility soon.

As this is a new initiative, the format may evolve and be tailored as we
go, so please feel free to send comments/suggestions to let us know how we
can improve this information segment!

The CPE team looks after interests in both CentOS and Fedora, so this
update is also going to include work done on areas that are not your
Community, but for transparency, we are including it :)

I hope you are finding them informative/useful and thanks for reading!

Kindest regards,



Aoife Moloney

Feature Driver

Community Platform Engineering Team

Red Hat EMEA <https://www.redhat.com>

Communications House

Cork Road

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