[CentOS-devel] CentOS Stream and major releases

Kevin Fenzi

kevin at scrye.com
Sat Oct 5 19:09:29 UTC 2019

On Sat, Oct 05, 2019 at 11:28:39AM -0400, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
> I'm pretty sure I understand the workflow, or what will be the workflow, for
> CentOS Stream and RHEL, but there's one thing I'm curious about that I'd love
> to have clarified, at least to the extent that it's been planned or thought
> about so far:
> Historically, a major release of RHEL has been cut from Fedora and polished up
> (or chopped down or...) but now that CentOS Stream exists, I can see several
> paths forward.
> One possibility I envision is that CStream will progress at about the same
> pace as RHEL point releases today, which would suggest that when it comes time
> to branch something for RHEL 9, that might once again be Fedora, with the
> branch then being a major release of CStream that'll be polished into what
> will be released as RHEL 9.0.

Yep. See: 
"Fedora will remain the first upstream of RHEL. It’s where every RHEL
came from, and is where RHEL 9 will come from, too. But after RHEL
branches off, CentOS will be upstream for ongoing work on those RHEL
> Another possibility is that CStream will move somewhat quicker, with point
> releases over time covering more ground, somewhat obviating the notion of a
> major release - but this would conflict with the notion of a stable platform
> for vendors and partners to use as a long-lived base for their products, so I
> suspect it's not the answer.

Right. It's not as far as I know. 
> A third possibility is that when RHEL 8 slows down [1] and there wouldn't
> normally be another point release of it, CStream will pick up pace and make
> bigger changes until it rolls forward to where RHEL 9 will pick up. This is
> the one I'm hoping for personally, as it would keep CStream as a continuous
> rolling release, and appropriate for situations where you'd want a rolling
> release. (There's no official equivalent to Leapp for CentOS, but this would
> mean that CStream wouldn't need one.)

I don't think this is intended/possible. 

At some point RHEL9 will branch off Fedora, and at some point after that
I would image there would be a new centos 9 stream that appears (after 9
beta? before? not sure). Centos 8 stream would keep tracking the 8.x
point releases.

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