[CentOS-devel] llvm-toolset-7.0 availability

Honza Horak

hhorak at redhat.com
Tue Sep 3 15:34:13 UTC 2019

While this is packaged as SCL as well, it is not part of the RHSCL 
content in Red Hat, so we originally did not pay closer attention to 
that piece of sw in SCLo SIG.

It looks like there is some demand now, so we can probably request cbs 
tags for that and try to rebuild that SCL, similarly as we do it for 
other RHSCL content.

Ken, if there would be some troubles with rebuilding, would you be 
willing to help, by any chance?


On 9/3/19 3:45 PM, Ken Roser wrote:
> Redhat has had llvm-toolset-7.0 available since March 2019. It adds 
> support for clang and llvm version 7. See 
> https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2019 ... rust-1-31/ 
> <https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2019/03/29/red-hat-enterprise-linux-compiler-toolset-updates-clang-llvm-7-0-go-1-11-rust-1-31/>
> Is this going to be available on Centos 7 and if so, when?
> Don't confuse this with llvm-toolset-7 which supports the older clang 
> version 5 which is already available with Centos 7.
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