[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8/7.7

Lamar Owen

lowen at pari.edu
Tue Sep 10 18:20:57 UTC 2019

On 9/10/19 7:10 AM, victor mason wrote:
> What's the hold up on both of these? Are we back to the old days?
Yep, sounds just like the old days..... where people who are receiving a 
valuable product for no cost go ballistic because a product they are 
paying nothing for is not out as quickly as they want......if you want 
faster, pay RH for a subscription. Yes that is a bit harsh, but so was 
the original post, bringing up the 'old days' in that manner.  If 
anything, I'm being less harsh than the OP.  But, then again, my 
experience is that paying customers are typically a whole lot less 
demanding than those who get it for free.

For what it's worth, as far as I can tell there's no real holdup on 7.7 
since all the 7.7 packages are in CR, I've updated several critical C7 
machines to 7.7 myself over the past week or so; there is a period of 
time to create new install media and such, and that can sometimes pose 
some interesting issues. Full instructions on using CR have been 
posted.  I myself use the following procedure in general (as I've had 
the current rpm and yum versions hiccup once or twice on new content, 
and I've had kernel updates over the years silently fail during the 
creation of the new initrd in particular with a large-enough updated 
package set on occasion, so I've found doing it this way has been more 
reliable for me in my use cases):

yum clean all
yum --enablerepo=cr update rpm yum
yum --enablerepo=cr update kernel
yum --enablerepo=cr update
<reboot, and after a successful reboot with the new kernel>
package-cleanup --enablerepo=cr --oldkernel

CentOS 8 will be here when it's ready, and I trust the devs to know when 
that is (after all, I'm trusting them for my OS, why wouldn't I trust 
their release judgment?). Would I like to know more about what's taking 
so long?  Sure, but I can't really do anything about it, and I'd rather 
the team spend their time working on the problems rather than wasting 
valuable time merely talking to me about them. YMMV, IMHO, etc.  
Karanbir, et al, thanks a bunch for your often thankless work, and 
please don't rush the release just because I'd like to get it a few days 
sooner; I'm patient.

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