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Scott Dowdle

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> when the workload gets large, the news of what's going on slows down, and I don't 
> have a problem with that.

This discussion can continue to go round and round getting nowhere fast but most likely slow or it can be ended.  I would like to point out that name calling really doesn't help so please avoid that in the future (addressing no one in particular).  Thanks!

The pain point is primarily that the Building_8 page was making good progress... and each item was completed... but then the very last item was changed about three weeks ago (as has been pointed out at least once in this thread) to:

Item            Started        Ended         Status
Release work    YYYY-MM-DD     YYYY-MM-DD    Not started

...and there it has sat since then.

Johnny Hughes explained that hey, people have CentOS 7 in production so the 7.7 update that came out much later became the priority and all efforts were put towards it.  That is completely understandable... and now that we know, it relieves the, "what's going on with 8?" question.  That's all anyone was asking for.

I just update the Building_8 wiki page to reflect that work on 8 is deferred for 7.7 and provided a link to Johnny's post in this thread.  Hopefully that is what everyone was looking for but if others don't like the specifics of the update I made, feel free to refine it.

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