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Jim Perrin

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Tue Sep 24 22:51:01 UTC 2019

On 9/24/19 2:55 PM, Paul Graydon wrote:
> Honestly, I read the announcement on the RedHat site and got even more
> confused
> (https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/transforming-development-experience-within-centos),
> partly because there were extra products there I wasn't aware of. I
> think I have my head wrapped around it now.
> * To borrow someone else's attempt at understanding, is this along the
> right lines?
> Currently: fedora --> RHEL --> centos,

This is accurate for how major releases are developed, but during that
fedora->RHEL bit, it's currently not public.

For the current minor releases (the .1, .2, etc) there isn't really an
'upstream' for rhel to pull from, or a place for people to publicly see
what's coming.

> New: fedora --> centos stream --> RHEL --> centos
> You're describing CentOS Stream as parallel to CentOS in the blog post
> linked above, but then from the rest of it it looks like it's being used
> to feed stable features in to RHEL, which would naturally then make
> their way in to CentOS, same as things do currently.

They are two separate distributions. Currently CentOS Stream and CentOS
Linux differ only slightly, but this will change in the future.

> * "It is a single, continuous stream of content with updates several
> times daily, encompassing the latest and greatest from the RHEL codebase."
> What level of changes/updates are we talking about?  More up to date
> applications or libraries, or more of just the same kinds of updates as
> we'd expect to see between, say, 8.0 and 8.1 (typically more minor
> upgrades of libraries and applications.)

A rough analogy is "When RHEL 8.1 is out, CentOS Stream content would be
the development of what should become 8.2".

> Finally, how does this relate to RedHat Application Streams, or does it
> not at all?  If it doesn't relate, that feels like a bit of a branding
> overload of a term that may unintentionally cause some confusion.

The branding is admittedly a little confusing. CentOS Stream is a
rolling development branch for RHEL. AppStreams are a conceptual piece
of RHEL, CentOS and CentOS Stream. Where they are in their lifecycle
differs based on which one you're running.

Does that help explain it a bit, or did I just muddle it up further for you?

> Paul
> On 9/24/19 05:45, Lamar Owen wrote:
>> So, now that Earth has caught up to the TARDIS......
>> Would someone from the CentOS team like to explain CentOS Streams?  I
>> saw an article at The NewStack yesterday that gave some info; oddly
>> enough that article is giving a 404 right now, but Google still has it
>> in cache.  But Johnny's statement a few days ago, and then this
>> announcement, makes this new CentOS Streams business look
>> interesting.  I see a new directory on the mirrors called 8-stream
>> with interesting content......
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