[CentOS-devel] CBS and SIGs consuming CentOS 8 / Stream

Thomas Oulevey

thomas.oulevey at cern.ch
Thu Sep 26 19:21:42 UTC 2019

Hi Folks,

>         Maybe that can come in two steps :
>         - upgrade to koji (as it is right now) and no modules builds
>         - migrate later to something that can permit modules builds
>         (through mbs)
>     +1 to this plan

+1, indeed.

We are going to announce soon a plan to upgrade cbs.centos.org and 
associated builders to be able to build standard C8 RPM packages, 
without interfering too much with SIGs ongoing work.

Thanks to Fabian, we had time to spin-up test machines this afternoon 
and we are testing our upgrade plan ; check ansible roles, add 
additional rpms, test C8/C8-Stream buildroots, validate DB schema 
upgrade, etc...

A lot of questions are still unanswered but, please, continue to use 
this thread and we will try to clarify when we have the answers.

> To be clear, with this plan, we'd be able to consume modules in builds 
> since the phase 1, right?

Yes, correct.

To conclude, we will send an update beginning of next week with more 
information, a schedule and a list of points that need to be sorted out 
with the community.

In coming weeks I hope to have more clarity on the MBS bits and start to 
plan for the future of CBS with your input.

Thomas 'alphacc' Oulevey

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