[CentOS-devel] CPE Weekly: 2020-04-14

Aoife Moloney

amoloney at redhat.com
Tue Apr 14 11:34:55 UTC 2020

# CPE Weekly: 2020-04-14
title: CPE Weekly status email
tags: CPE Weekly, email

Hi All,

Apologies for the delayed weekly mail, I enjoyed a lovely four-day
weekend with my family over Easter which was important and didn't get
around to sending this email.

The upside is you get two emails from me this week instead :)

The Community Platform Engineering group is the Red Hat team combining
IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.Check out our teams
info here https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/

## GitForge Updates
* Initial conversations have started with GitLab to investigate
options and weight them against more refined requirements to make sure
we reach the best possible outcome
* We are still engaging with Fedora Council
* We are also engaging with the CentOS board too
* And we are looking at ways to have open conversations/Q&A sessions
in public forums too as we move through this journey.

## Fedora Updates
* F32 release first go/no-go meeting is scheduled for this week to
review the estimated release date of 21st April
* Calendar for meetings here
* F32 release schedule here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/32/Schedule

### Data Centre Move
* CommuniShift is now down until May 8th est. to facilitate the data
centre move that has now officially begun.
* Please see our list of affected https://hackmd.io/hpYYJQRjQy-oHxUS7IonIA
* Our first few sets of hardware have been deracked and are awaiting
collection from PHX2 this week.
* Please check our schedule here - we are on Week 06

### AAA Replacement
* The team are planning phase two of the replacement which will target
UX/UI improvements,

### CI/CD

* rpmautospec
    * Call for testers has been sent to the devel-announce list:
    * Documentation is also being refined on:
        * How it works
        * What are its peculiarities
        * How to opt-in
        * What is working and what isn't yet
        * What remains to do before this gets pushed to production
    * Thank you for your feedback!

### Sustaining Team
* Mbbox Upgrade
    * The team are making good progress on the koji-builder & koji-hub
CRD https://github.com/fedora-infra/mbbox/pull/20
    * They also have resolved the issue with PVC in the mbox-operator
    * We are now looking into CI support and the work that this will involve
* Bodhi
    * Investigation database lockups, seems related to celery worker
not completing their tasks
    * Working on a 5.3 release
* Releng
    * fedscm-admin 1.0.13 released
    * Future openh264 composes will use ODCS, script is added to releng repo
* Infra
    * The daily standup the team has has helped a lot with managing
infra tickets - they are down to 99 tickets!
    * Mass update of stg and prod
    * Please note you may experience some Kojira slowness
    * New review-stats application deployed -

## CentOS Updates

### CentOS
* CentOS CI is stable and all working fine
* Investigation for cloud vms addition to cico is also underway
* RHEL 8.1 batch update 07-Apr

### CentOS Stream
* We have now ~200 packages built in CentOS Stream & we expect a few
hundred more to become available to us soon!
* The team are also still working on general compose config, koji tag
& housekeeping :)

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great weekend!


Source: https://hackmd.io/8iV7PilARSG68Tqv8CzKOQ


Aoife Moloney
Product Owner
Community Platform Engineering Team
Red Hat EMEA
Communications House
Cork Road

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