[CentOS-devel] CPE Weekly: 2020-04-26

Aoife Moloney

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Sun Apr 26 17:13:21 UTC 2020

# CPE Weekly: 2020-04-26
title: CPE Weekly status email
tags: CPE Weekly, email

The Community Platform Engineering group is the Red Hat team combining
IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.Check out our teams
info here https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/

## GitForge Updates
* We will be tracking our progress here
* Please be aware this does not contain any new information, as we
don't have any to share yet.
* However once we have more information for you, we will be posting it
to the above link, and with the URL in the weekly emails for quick
* We are currently doing a technical deep-dive with our own team on
what we need from GitLab
* We are also still engaging with Fedora Council who are tracking the
Fedora Communities needs here
* And we are looking at ways to engage closer with the CentOS
community too to share information as and when we have it
* Public Q&A sessions are still being discussed to allow for open
conversations in public forums too as we move through this journey, so
thank you for your patience with us.

## Fedora Updates
* F32 release is a Go!
* Estimated release date is April 28th - well done to everyone involved!

### Data Centre Move
* Due to Covid-19 restrictions at each datacentre, we have
unfortunately experienced a delay during the initial move.
* The need to push out our dates by 2-3 weeks was made necessary on
Thursday 23rd April, following meetings with Red Hat IT on network
connectivity status and estimate connection times for our team to
access the new datacentre.
* We will need to adjust our outage schedule and move schedule to
properly reflect the new dates of services being turned off and
reduced, and the full amended schedule will be published to hackmd,
with emails sent to the devel-announce & infra lists next week (week
ending 1st May)
*  We will also include links to the updated move schedule and service
impact schedule in next weeks CPE Weekly
*  Please be aware that CommuniShift is now down indefinitely until
earliest May 8th.

### AAA Replacement
* The team have begun phase two of the project and you can view their
board for more technical information on their work here
* They are doing amazing work :)

### CI/CD

* Monitor-gating is now running in production and has already caught a
couple of issues with bodhi (both in stg and in prod)!
* Rpmautospec
    * In review as a Fedora package:
    * Work progressing on Koji tagging plugin (post-build), full use
case support for bumping releases
    * Plan is still to get it deployed in staging

### Sustaining Team
* Mbbox Upgrade
    * Some progress on CRD for koji-builder and koji-hub components
* Bodhi 5.2.2 released
    * Some issues with celery tasks, however  rawhide monitoring super useful.
* Compose tracker enhancement
    * Focusing on tagging issues, and having the ability to ping maintainers

Odcs-backend-releng01 provision to enable testing in Fedora Minimal Compose

* Infra
    * The daily standup the team has has helped a lot with managing
infra tickets - they are down to 99 tickets!
    * Mass update of stg and prod
    * Please note you may experience some Kojira slowness
    * New review-stats application deployed -

## CentOS Updates

### CentOS
* ppc64le and aarch64, 8 and 8-stream nodes now available in cico for
tenants to checkout. -- Email sent to ci-user list
* New signing for SIGs (through https://cbs.centos.org) live on 25th April 2020

### CentOS Stream
* Summit Videos took our attention this week
* We have  a booth, so don't forget to register your attendance!
* Qt5.12 pushed in response to an internal request
* NetworkManager re-imported

As always, feedback is welcome, and we will continue to look at ways
to improve the delivery and readability of this weekly report.

Have a great week ahead!


Source: https://hackmd.io/8iV7PilARSG68Tqv8CzKOQ

Aoife Moloney
Product Owner
Community Platform Engineering Team
Red Hat EMEA
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