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Scott Dowdle

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Wed Dec 9 15:51:19 UTC 2020


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> Any kernel device drivers, for a start. Kind of critical if your
> SAS/RAID device wont boot, or your network device doesn't come up, or
> your GUI doesn't start because your display drivers aren't compatible
> anymore. Just minor things like that maybe?

If RHEL 8.4 works, and CentOS Stream 8.4+ makes a change that breaks something... that's what is going to become RHEL... so does it matter THAT much if it breaks a month or two earlier than in the past?  Now answering your question with a question, how about another?  Did you have much breakage as a result of EL minor updates?  I assume the answer is no... and if no is the case, then you shouldn't have much breakage with Stream.

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