[CentOS-devel] koji-ansible and CentOS Stream

Thu Dec 10 23:37:48 UTC 2020
Ken Dreyer <kdreyer at redhat.com>

Hey folks,

I'm not sure where the current CentOS Stream Koji configuration is
stored at the moment, but I wanted to link to this project for
managing Koji configs with Ansible:


Some teams are using this to manage some large Koji instances inside
Red Hat, and it's been working well. It's good for managing initial
configurations ("day 1 operations") as well as making changes over
time ("day 2 operations"). Like most stuff with Ansible, it makes
configurations repeatable and easier to review.

As an example, I captured some of our Storage SIG CBS tag and target
configurations in Ansible here:

It would be great to use koji-ansible as we ramp up CentOS Stream. I'd
be happy to help answer any questions about this tool.

- Ken