[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8 Stream Migration from CentOS 8 Linux

Mon Dec 14 11:24:38 UTC 2020
Agarwal, Swati <Swati.Agarwal at harman.com>

Dear CentOS Team,

This is regarding latest notification released for CentOS 8 stream replacement from CentOS 8 Linux.
We have some queries in which we need your inputs as we have many Clients using CentOS 8 Linux on their production environments:

  *   The packages which are available in Centos 8, will the same packages be available in Centos stream 8 ?

  *   RHEL is doing some CVE fixes for Centos 8 and they have given temporary fixes so RHEL will push those fixes in Centos Stream 8 and what will be their impacts ?

  *   We have upgraded from Centos 8 to Centos stream 8 by following the steps below.
  a.) dnf install centos-release-stream

 b.) dnf swap centos-{linux,stream}-repos

 c.) dnf distro-sync

 d.) cat /etc/centos-releas
 Expected output : CentOS Stream release 8. Did we miss anything ?

  *   Suppose if RHEL is developing a package so it won't be available in CentOS Stream 8 and if it is available then what will be the impact ?

  *   After upgrading from Centos8 Linux to CentOS Stream release 8, can we compare the versions of packages before & after and see which got updated
     *   using         # rpm -qa

  *   After CentOS stream, what will vault.centos.org show ? Also, will it be same as shown in access.redhat.com/downloads/packages from RedHat ?

     *   https://access.redhat.com/downloads/content/69/ver=/rhel---7/7.9/x86_64/packages
     *   https://vault.centos.org/7.7.1908/os/Source/SPackages/

  *   The Packages that are currently shown in access.redhat.com/downloads/packages or vault.centos.org are officially released ones. After CentOS Stream for CentOS8, the Packages shown in access.redhat.com/downloads/packages or vault.centos.org would be Beta releases or Officially released ones ?

Please help us to answer above questions.

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