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Fri Dec 11 01:02:19 UTC 2020
Konstantin Boyandin <lists at boyandin.info>

On 11.12.2020 03:53, Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 1:55 PM Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org>
>> Greetings.
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>>> All my ranting I am to commit will be explained at the end of the rant.
>> That was a complete waste of time.  They KNOW what people use CentOS
 for... and all of the caveats with using it (especially on desktop systems) that
 you mentioned.  The devs on this developer mailing list talk about...
 development stuff.
> Actually, I thought Ljubomir's email was well crafted.  I don't take
> offense to any of it and agree with some of the points.
> Ljubomir, development and developers defined as "people that write
> code all day" are definitely part of the story but as you point out
> they aren't the only part.  Really, Stream is looking for
> contributors.  Contributions come in many forms.  Docs, bug reporting,
> patches, RFEs, etc.  If you look at all the things you describe doing,
> those are all contributions and all good ones at that.
> Even on the sysadmin side, people deploy servers for a reason.  Those
> reasons need testing and, yes, "development" to make sure their
> purpose is being fulfilled.  You're right though, once it is set up it
> is more traditional sysadmin.  I think Stream can be used in those
> cases too.  Thanks for raising this use case so clearly.

After sieving through multitude of comments and angry remarks, I noticed 
there are two primary reasons for those:

- RH violate its own promise (yes, Chris Wright, technically you are a 
liar now) - since this moment, I personally have little trust in 
whatever RH promises or "guarantees" in open source area
- CentOS Stream is *not* 1:1 bug-level copy of RHEL, thus one can't rely 
on its stability any more (the subject of drivers, ABIs etc has been 
mentioned many times already) - if I am in challenge mood, I'd rather 
install Fedora

That simple. The positive output of CentOS burial is two more clones 
springing to life. So, in foreseeable future, we will have three clones 
to choose from (Springdale, Rocky and the one made by Cloudlinux). Nice.

What's not nice is that CentOS community will inevitably be disrupted 
and dispersed.

Unless the RH announcement was a shortsighted and dumb sacrifice to 
Money, I assume they just brush away what they consider "unnecessary 
expenses". In any case, I continue to evangelize open source, Linux 
included, it's just CentOS and RH that won't be promoted (by me) any more.


Konstantin Boyandin
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