[CentOS-devel] C8 minimal (fwd)

Tue Dec 15 09:34:59 UTC 2020
Marko Bevc <marko at bevc.net>

I'd also be interested in that Git repo as well.

On Mon, 14 Dec 2020, Scott Dowdle wrote:

> Greetings,
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>> Maybe if I could get some help here on getting a pungi config which
>> didn't do this versus the usual 'well if you can't get it perfect
>> you shouldn't have gotten out of bed'.. we could move this forward.
> I was trying to get across the point that the minimal media wasn't really a good option but that the other two are.  I am unfamiliar with Pungi but if someone with your chops is having trouble, it most likely isn't doable... and certainly not by me.
> Is there a git repo for the minimal media I could look at?
> TYL,