[CentOS-devel] Before You Get Mad About The CentOS Stream Change, Think About…

Thu Dec 17 12:25:14 UTC 2020
Dan Seguin <dan.seguin at Cord3Inc.com>

I see what you mean, and you saw what I meant.

Will there be a "free" RHEL distro that people can develop on that won't need a paid license?

 When I said in a previous message about developing real world products, it takes 20-30 VMs to test, validate, audit, etc, etc. CentOS was *crucial* for this. (Yes, of course patches for issues were tracked/applied accordingly).

I mentioned assurance (in a security context) earlier, too.  It's important. This is outside of the container discussion, too.

You can't always statically link all your apps (*grin*), it's not about runtime memory anymore, but more about sideband updates for important libs that you want to see updated for fixes (api compliant), and still run.

I am, of course, coming from a different angle to most on this list (maybe).

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I don't want to put more fire in this discussion but I read enough and now I feel like I need to reply.
This is my personal opinion and completely not related to what Red Hat thinks:
How would be the linux world if, after reading all these complains about Red Hat being greedy and not committed to open source as community think it should be and about people turning to RHEL rebuilds or other distro,  would announce: "Red Hat is hereby announcing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on December 31st 2021. Red Hat will be committed in releasing only Red Hat CoreOS based on rebuilds from Rocky Linux opensource community as pure downstream to it"
Some times we should look at things with different perspectives.


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