[CentOS-devel] Before You Get Mad About The CentOS Stream Change, Think About…

Fri Dec 18 02:18:49 UTC 2020
Konstantin Boyandin <lists at boyandin.info>

On 17.12.2020 06:51, Mike McGrath wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 5:12 PM Julien Pivotto <roidelapluie at inuits.eu 
> <mailto:roidelapluie at inuits.eu>> wrote:
>     On 16 Dec 17:08, Mike McGrath wrote:
>      >
>      > It makes a lot of sense that people would be upset about this. 
>     We very
>      > much should have set better expectations at the launch of CentOS
>     8 but at
>      > that point no specific dates around CentOS8 had been decided
>     other than to
>      > release it.
>     Mike,
>     Somehow it ended up on https://wiki.centos.org/About/Product
>     <https://wiki.centos.org/About/Product> , so
>     someone took the decision to write it here.
> Yes, I'm going to explain what happened as I've covered on IRC.
> First, we didn't say anything about the EOL date because we didn't have 
> an agreement at that time and that's the screwup.  That absolutely could 
> have been handled better.
> What happened after that was a community member, not knowing any 
> differently edited the wiki with a date that everyone thought was the 
> right date.  This was not an unreasonable thing for them to do.  Any 
> other date written after that probably got it from the wiki.
> I think many of you think that some implicit guarantee was made, or are 
> applying some standard to CentOS similar to what you would a contractual 
> agreement and those will never be the same thing.
> I think Red Hat did everything we could to stress that this rebuild was 
> community supported and best effort.  Anyone mixing "free" and 
> "enterprise" at work need to accept any risks that come along with 
> that, I always did when I ran CentOS in production.  Even with all of 
> that, we gave a year's notice for 8 and let 7 continue in its natural 
> life.  We provided a viable (but not identical) alternative, and are 
> working to find ways too get free RHEL to people.  We're going to stand 
> by that all of that, why?  Because at the end of the day, any 
> comparisons to us and Oracle, or "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" are 
> unfounded.  We made a very unpopular decision here, I get that.  But the
> difference is while we stand by that decision we actually do care about 
> the impact it has had and are trying to make it right with many of you.

I suppose you (RH) have included, as the impact's component, the fact 
your (RH's) words and whatever promises you (RH) do are now of little value.

 From my viewpoint, it's dead simple. CentOS was purchased for the sake 
of reaching a business goal. Now that goal is reached, CentOS Linux is 
buried (nothing personal, a business decision), and the uproar can be 
safely ignored - after all, it's mostly taken from people who aren't RH 

Some will be converted to RH customers (see also below), some will be 
free-to-use testers at CentOS Stream, all the rest are free to go 
wherever they wish.

> This is a good time to remind people of part of Chris Wright's 
> announcement 
> and centos-questions at redhat.com <mailto:centos-questions at redhat.com>.  
> This is a mailing list (not a sales lead generator).  If you're using 
> CentOS Linux today, and feel you cannot use stream.  Email us and tell 
> us why.  The people who are creating new free and low-cost RHEL programs 
> want to hear from you.  We don't know who you are.  And even if you are 
> a Red Hat customer, previously you likely hid your CentOS deployments 
> from us and so we don't know about them.  And I repeat: this isn't going 
> to our sales team, they don't have access to this list, this is about 
> making sure we structure our future RHEL programs correctly.

"Low-cost" is the keyword, isn't it?

Corporation is all about the profit. Period. If you can't use the nice 
CentOS Stream (and thus help RH to serve as free tester and help RH to 
get more profits), RH will provide you with low-cost replacement.

It may even be free. Say, for a year. Just business decision, nothing 

(BTW, I mailed at that address, I am quite curious to see what can be 


Konstantin Boyandin
system administrator (ProWide Labs Ltd. - IPHost Network Monitor)