[CentOS-devel] Balancing the needs around the CentOS platform

Sun Dec 20 15:26:08 UTC 2020
Chris Mair <chris at 1006.org>

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Re: https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/balancing-the-needs-around-the-centos-platform/

you can spin this to the moon and back. The fact remains you just killed CentOS
Linux and your users' trust by moving the EOL of CentOS Linux 8 from 2029 to

You've alienated a few hunderd thousand sysadmins that started upgrading to 8
this year and you've thrown the scientific Linux community under a bus. You do
realize Scientific Linux was discontinued because CERN and FermiLab decided to
standardize on CentOS 8? This trickled down to a load of labs and research

Nobody forced you to buy out CentOS or offer a gratis distribution. But
everybody expected you to stick to the EOL dates you committed to. You boast
about being the "Enterprise" Linux distributor. Then, don't act like a freaking
start-up that announces stuff today and vanishes a year later.

The correct way to handle this would have been to kill the future CentOS 9,
giving everybody the time to cope with the changes.

I've earned my RHCE in 2003 (yes that's seventeen years ago). Since then, many
times, I've recommended RHEL or CentOS to the clients I do free lance work for.
Just a few weeks ago I was asked to give an opinion on six CentOS 7 boxes about
to be deployed into a research system to be upgraded to 8. I gave my go. Well,
that didn't last long.

What do you expect me to recommend now? Buying RHEL licenses? That may or may
be not have a certain cost per year and may or may be not supported until a
given date? Once you grant yourself the freedom to retract whatever published
information, how can I trust you? What added values do I get over any of the
community supported distributions (given I can support myself)?

And no, CentOS Stream cannot "cover 95% (or so) of current user workloads".
Stream was introduces as "a rolling preview of what's next in RHEL".

I'm not interested at all in a "a rolling preview of what's next in RHEL".
I'm interested in a stable distribution I can trust to get updates until
the given EOL date.

You've made me look elsewhere for that.

-- Chris