[CentOS-devel] Before You Get Mad About The CentOS Stream Change, Think About…

Wed Dec 23 18:41:27 UTC 2020
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 12/23/20 12:26 AM, Mark Mielke wrote:
> hat? .28.1 wasn't in 8.3. Check the changelog for 4.18.0-240.1.1.
> Where did it come from? Oh right. It's called a branch.

That's right.  Because it comes from RHEL, where point releases are 
branches.  That's what we keep saying: RHEL point releases are branches.

> I know you are stuck on the "c7" being a branch, and using terms like
> "VCS" to fill in some background. But, as already mentioned - "c7" is
> a flattened set of imports and de-branding.

That's right.  CentOS major releases are flattened.  That's what we keep 
saying: There is only one supported branch in CentOS at any given point 
in time.

That's all that Matthew was pointing out, really.  If you have an 
application that needs an ultra-stable base OS, with security updates 
but no new features for more than (roughly) 6-8 months, Red Hat can 
provide you with such an OS.  CentOS doesn't.