[CentOS-devel] CPE: AAA FAS Replacement update

Wed Feb 26 10:09:06 UTC 2020
Sarah Finn <sfinn at redhat.com>

Hi all,

Please see the latest AAA FAS replacement project update below:

AAA: FAS replacement project update 2/25/20

The month of February was a very busy month for the CPE AAA team and
community contributors working on this initiative. Great progress was made
in the development phase of the AAA: FAS replacement build. Sprint 2 and 3
resulted in the completion of multiple user stories which added user
functionality to join groups, change email address and password, disable
account, database access along with putting a mapping solution in place for
users moving from the current FAS to the new FAS (potential name
incoming!). We also came to the end of developing our wireframes and
mapping our user experience flow. Unit tests were carried out regarding
password controller and the current codebase.

We received great support from the wider CPE team as well as Patrick
Uiterwijk to allow us progress with user stories by gaining permissions and
merging PR’s for the integration of CentOS CI. Christian Heimes assisted us
greatly with sharing his knowledge regarding FREE IPA and answered numerous
questions to allow us to move forward.

Sprint 4 began on Thursday the 20th of February. This sprint will focus on
development tasks which will include working on FAS Json, Free IPA,  API,
Fedora Messaging integration, continuous deployment to stage environment,
developing a secure coding tool to ensure code adheres to best practice, as
well as continuing working on user functionality user stories. Please see
our github board here <https://github.com/orgs/fedora-infra/projects/6>to
view current activity.

We also received some sad news since our last update, that we are losing a
team member, Rick Elrod, as he moves on to pastures new with the Ansible
team. Rick provided an excellent POC for AAA which is leaving us in good
shape to continue on as planned. Thanks Rick and we will hopefully still
see you around as a contributor going forward. We also welcomed a new team
member Leonardo (Leo) Rossetti who joined at the start of Sprint 4 and has
already hit the ground running. Leo is currently working on our FAS JSON
user stories.

Regarding delivery of AAA, we may look at a phased release , this current
phase focus is on the development of AAA to be delivered by 3/31/20. It is
looking likely that the deployment of AAA will happen in a later phase due
to requiring System Admin assistance. We are likely to gain this on the
completion of the Colo Move (which is our planned data center move),
approximately in mid April. We are enquiring to see if deploying to staging
is possible within this phase to allow for a long testing period. I will
provide an update on this in our next blog. The integration of CentOS will
be worked on within an additional phase following the completion of AAA
centric stories for Fedora.

On a final note, I would like to commend the CPE AAA team on their
and productivity throughout this initiative even in the face of unknowns,
team changes, cross team dependencies and other challenges, they continued
to proactively work together and find solutions to keep this initiative
moving forward.

We welcome all feedback, thoughts and contributions as we progress through
this project. Please feel free to comment on any issue to log your

For more information regarding outstanding issues, please see here.
To view our current scrum board, please see here.

Thanks all,


Sarah Finn


Agile Practitioner

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Waterford, Ireland

sfinn at redhat.com
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