[CentOS-devel] A Big Idea for a New Decade [was: Minutes for CentOS Board of Directors 2019-12-18 Meeting]

Matthew Miller

mattdm at mattdm.org
Tue Jan 7 18:04:30 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 12:41:14PM -0500, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> For Gregory's problem, modularity does look like a better fix for 8
> BUT the person writing the module needs to know a bunch of things:
> 1. How to make a module. [This seems to be about ~20 people.]

Probably true, but the docs are actually quite good. 

> 2. What software depends on jetty which will need to be modularized
> also. This isn't software dep but API deps. [That will be the
> packagers of java applications and such.]

Yes. But that can start small: first the jetty module, then consumers of it.

> 3. Know how to avoid setting up a libgit2 and similar problems that
> Fedora has run into. We do not want someone to install EPEL-8
> modularity and find out that we smoked their production system on the
> first yum update or some similar thing because a module replaced
> something it needed but was required for some other thing (OR vice
> versa). From the conversations in FESCO about this.. htis is still
> reliant on human knowledge and detection versus a test framework.

As I understand it, this is entirely a problem with making something a
*default* module, which wouldn't be the case here.

Matthew Miller
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