[CentOS-devel] java packages copr building issues when targeting centos-stream / epel8

Fabian Arrotin

arrfab at centos.org
Mon Jan 13 13:01:41 UTC 2020

On 13/01/2020 13:54, Sandro Bonazzola wrote:
> Hi,
> not sure which mailing list to point for asking, but I've an issue while
> building unboundid-ldapsdk for el8 in copr.
> When trying to build I get dnf error:
> DEBUG util.py:596:  No matches found for the following disable plugin patterns: local, spacewalk
> DEBUG util.py:598:  Copr repository                                  46 kB/s | 3.6 kB     00:00    
> DEBUG util.py:596:  Error: 
> DEBUG util.py:596:   Problem: conflicting requests
> DEBUG util.py:596:    - package javapackages-local-5.3.0-2.module_el8.0.0+30+832da3a1.noarch is filtered out by modular filtering
> DEBUG util.py:598:  (try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages)
> javapackages-local is provided in CentOS Stream / EPEL both by CentOS-8
> -
> PowerTools(javapackages-tools-5.3.0-2.module_el8.0.0+30+832da3a1.noarch.rpm
> <http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8-stream/PowerTools/x86_64/os/Packages/javapackages-tools-5.3.0-2.module_el8.0.0+30+832da3a1.noarch.rpm>)
> repo and CentOS-8 -
> AppStream(javapackages-tools-5.3.0-1.module_el8.0.0+11+5b8c10bd.noarch.rpm
> <http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8-stream/AppStream/x86_64/os/Packages/javapackages-tools-5.3.0-1.module_el8.0.0+11+5b8c10bd.noarch.rpm>).
> Is there a way for building in copr any java package using
> javapackages-local? I couldn't find a way to tell the system which
> module to enable or not.

That seems like a good discussion for people managing Copr : does it
support modules builds and/or filtering per project ? (so what MBS is
basically doing for koji, but difficult to implement)

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