[CentOS-devel] Sphinx - Warnings treated as errors

Neale Ferguson

neale at sinenomine.net
Fri Jan 24 11:11:43 UTC 2020

I am attempting to python-oslo-reports-1.30.0-1.el7 but Sphinx 1.8.4 is treating warnings as errors and terminating the build:

DEBUG: Warning, treated as error:
DEBUG: /builddir/build/BUILD/oslo.reports-1.30.0/oslo_reports/generators/conf.py:docstring of oslo_reports.generators.conf.ConfigReportGenerator:1:duplicate object description of oslo_reports.generators.conf.ConfigReportGenerator, other instance in /builddir/build/BUILD/oslo.reports-1.30.0/doc/source/reference/api/oslo_reports.generators.rst, use :noindex: for one of them

I note from the CentOS build logs Sphinx is encountering the warnings but they are not being treated as errors. How is this behavior being changed?

Neale Ferguson

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