[CentOS-devel] Sphinx - Warnings treated as errors

Neale Ferguson

neale at sinenomine.net
Fri Jan 24 12:15:55 UTC 2020

Thanks for the pointers.
The most recent openstack-macros we built is openstack-macros-2018.1.2-0.el7. It is quite different to the one in the URL you provided:

%py_req_cleanup() \
sed -i 's/^warning-is-error.*/warning-is-error = 0/g' setup.cfg \
rm -rf *requirements.txt \

This appears to be part of openstack-macros-2019. I can’t see this file in the vault. I will grab it from elsewhere and give it a go.


When using "%{pyver_bin} setup.py build_sphinx -b html", warning iserror is taken from a parameter in setup.cfg:


It's enabled there. However, in RDO, we disable it with macro py_req_cleanup:


Are you using the updated version of openstack-macros?, can you check how py_req_cleanup is defined?

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