[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8 and qla2xxx

Tue Jun 16 15:57:24 UTC 2020
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 6/16/20 11:22 AM, Chris Schanzle via CentOS-devel wrote:
> Thanks for the heads-up on this.  How did you check the ID list?
> I have some ISP-2532 cards (8 Gb) and assumed they would work, but 
> would like to verify before kickstarting the box.  lspci says:

I don't remember exactly how I found it (might have been a search, might 
have been the ELrepo driver update disk page, don't remember), but you 
can look at 
and get an idea.  The ELrepo DUD page ( 
) has other pointers.  I used an ELrepo DUD myself to install C8 on a 
Dell PowerEdge 1950; worked fine, just had to remember to enable ELrepo 
before updating to 8.2.2004 yesterday.  You can get the actual PCI ID by 
using lspci -n and grep the output for the PCI bus enumerator (04:00.0 
in your case).

Using the DUD was dirt-simple: dd the DUD ISO to a small USB key, have 
the USB key in a USB port during installation, install picks up anything 
with a label of OEMKEY.  The ELrepo pages say more.