[CentOS-devel] Minutes for CentOS Board of Directors 2020-02-12

Wed Mar 11 08:05:29 UTC 2020
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

[These are publishing a little late, I got busy and fell behind partially because the
agenda/minutes process has multiple steps where blockages occurred. I'll keep working
to improve the underlying process to make the production of these agendas and minutes
more reliably consistent.]


On 2020-02-12 the CentOS Board of Directors met and discussed several ongoing efforts
across the Project.

The opening discussion was around the new work to evolve the project logo and branding
identity being conducted in open channels. Overall the Directors really liked the
direction the effort is going and were quite pleased with the open nature of the
process. What is needed to bring a conclusion and present a final design for the Board’s
approval is the completion of the open design discussion and decision process to be 
conducted in centos-devel.

As the Board is working on adding new Directors and improving governance and transparency,
there is an open discussion around the possibility of having a face-to-face meeting of
the Board in 2020. This ideally would include an additional day of interactions with other
project leadership. One idea floated was to conduct this prior to the CentOS Dojo being
planned at CERN in October 2020. At the time of this writing, it is unknown if this Dojo
will be affected by COVID-19 related or other travel restrictions.

On another topic, in addition to the focused resources of the Community Platform
Engineering (CPE) team that supports the CentOS Project in technical ways, Karsten gave
a brief explanation of how the Community Architects from the Red Hat Open Source Program
Office (OSPO) are in support of the project, specifically Rich Bowen on the community side,
Brian Exelbierd on the business interaction side, and Karsten Wade on the strategic and
visionary side.

>From the Brussels Dojo, Karsten gave a report out about how he had a meeting room for
one-to-one discussions with community members. These discussions were an invitation to
talk about what works and doesn’t work for users and contributors around the project; an
open office hours to hear out anything. It also served to help get an idea of how and why
people use CentOS as a platform. This work is to help inform the CentOS 2020 open goals
discussion now underway.

In support of these efforts, the Board came to the following decisions, resolutions, and

1. Logo redesign
   1. AGREED:  Board is requesting Tuomas to lead the discussion on centos-devel toward
      creating the final /branding redesign proposal for the Board to give final approval
      on. This process should follow an open decision process of inviting participation,
      hearing out other ideas, and taking and incorporating feedback on the existing design
      ideas into the final plan. All this can be done over a reasonable time period of four
      to eight weeks, so that a decision can be reached that has an opportunity to include
      voices from across the community.

2. Board face-to-face
   1. AGREED:  Board will watch the travel situation with an eye toward deciding yay/nay
      on the face-to-face as the June timeframe approaches.
   2. ACTION:  Board will request RIch Bowen to coordinate with the Board Secretary on plans
      for adding meetings around the CERN Dojo.

3. Consent items
   1. Adopt minutes from 2020-01-08 meeting
   2. Noting that Fabian Arrotin has resigned his role as a CentOS Project Director as of
      October 2019.

4. Rolling (last from 2020-01-08):
   1. Any other topics aka What other things do you want on our master initiatives list?
   2. Stepping-up our meeting norms
   3. Transparency initiatives

Present at the meeting:

* Ralph Angenendt
* Jim Perrin
* Mike McLean
* Karsten Wade (Secretary)
* Johnny Hughes 

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