[CentOS-devel] CentOS for IBM LinuxONE / IBM System Z

Wed Mar 18 07:48:56 UTC 2020
FuLong Wang <fulwang at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Hello Everyone,

I'm from IBM China Development Team and I'm working on a new initiative 
that plan to enable a "*minimized*" or "full" CentOS operating system on 
IBM LinuxONE / IBM System Z (s390x architect).

The reason why we start this topic is we are trying to contribute to the 
RDO community with our OpenStack build on LInuxONE.
We have successfully finished the build job for OpenStack Train Version 
on LinuxONE and passed the basic function verification tests recently.
Now, we already have a link for worldwide users & fans to reference for 
their needs.
For "official official" contributing to the RDO community, community 
admin stated that a TripleO CI env is a must for community release 
criteria and
the OpenStack packages need to be built in the CentOS build system which 
run on s390x arch.

So, we turn to here for help, we know CentOS community ever had releases 
for s390x arch but for whatever reasons finally stopped for update.
We want to take this opportunity to enable it up again and therefore
want to know about the overall processes, skills required, hardware 
requirements, manpowers and duration estimated and which parts need 
IBM's team's input, etc.

Our target is to enable at least a *"minimized" CentOS* (which can 
support the OpenStack CI work), is there a SIG fit for this purpose? or 
a "full" CentOS with default feature sets.

Could anybody kindly give us some clue to start this journey?

Thanks everyone in advance!

The Howto of OpenStack Train Installation on IBM LinuxONE had been 
merged to the RDO official website.


FuLong Wang
fulong.wang at cn.ibm.com
IBM China Systems Lab, Beijing, China

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