[CentOS-devel] SIG authentication retooling

Wed May 6 18:11:46 UTC 2020
lejeczek <peljasz at yahoo.co.uk>

On 04/05/2020 15:05, Rich Bowen wrote:
> Please read this blog post about the upcoming changes to
> the CentOS authentication infrastructure:
> https://blog.centos.org/2020/05/sig-authentication-retooling/
> Thanks!
> --Rich
This looks promising and gives hopes... to me personally,
that eventually some day after people got brought to work
together, all those SIGs nonese will become only a memory of
past nightmare, a history. We then would have one repo where
all this fantastic & fantastical plethora of software
solutions be... package-conflict-free!!! Yeah!

many thanks, L.