[CentOS-devel] Infrastructure SIG

Rich Bowen

rbowen at redhat.com
Thu Sep 10 18:47:56 UTC 2020

In yesterday's board meeting, the board discussed and approved the 
creation of an Infrastructure SIG. There are some details here - 
- but much still needs to be figured out.

The main goal here is to move some operational things out of the Board's 
purview, and into a working group that can move more quickly, and 
delegate more broadly, while still being under board oversight.

Aoife Moloney, who you may know from her weekly "CPE Weekly" mailings, 
has taken the initial role of SIG Chair for that group, which doesn't 
mean that she's doing all the work or making all the decisions, but, 
rather, that she's kind of a project manager for the group.

As the last paragraph of the blog post says: "We welcome participation 
and comment from anyone with the skills or interest to be helpful, 
particularly if you are already administering any of the infrastructure 
that the CentOS project relies on." This is not an attempt to take any 
work away from those already doing it, rather to create a group where 
that work can be coordinated and tracked, so that the board knows what's 
going on, without having to have their hands directly in the process.

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