[CentOS-devel] Virt SIG release rpms not landing in extras

Johnny Hughes

johnny at centos.org
Mon Sep 14 13:21:13 UTC 2020

On 9/9/20 1:53 AM, Sandro Bonazzola wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday, September 2nd hughesjr built a couple of VIrt SIG release rpms.
> Transcript from IRC:
> (16:42:34)*hughesjr:*
> https://koji.mbox.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=165776 ;
> https://koji.mbox.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=165843
> (16:43:09)*hughesjr:* I'll get those in the next compose .. likely later
> today or tomorrow morning at the latest
> I guess the build missed a compose on Thursday and I know CentOS is not
> releasing on Fridays so I expected it to land on Monday September 7th.
> As of today the packages are not yet in extras repo, is there any
> problem in the release process or in the built rpms? Anything I can help
> with?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Sandro Bonazzola

Obviously this is now pushed .. sorry for the delay.

C8 in general, just takes more time.  This is an entirely different
process than the last 17 years.  It involves a koji builder, a signing
HSM that lives in a different place than koji with manual signatures, a
compose process that rebuilds the whole repo via pungi .. not just an
additive process. Publishing the repo to QA first then to live after
auto running of CI and not the ability for me to manually run it.

In short .. getting a C8 release of any type is very time consuming.
Throw in the need to prioritize normal updates for base c6, c7, c8 over
extras or centosplus and it just takes more time.

I am sorry, but that is just the truth. I am one person.

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