[CentOS-devel] CentOS Stream 9 Buildsystem is publicly viewable

Mon Apr 26 18:31:48 UTC 2021
Brian Stinson <bstinson at redhat.com>

Hi Folks,

There’s been a lot of CentOS Stream 9 activity over the past few weeks that I’d
like to share with you. First, if you haven’t noticed already, Stream 9 package
sources are publicly available in GitLab:

Second, we’ve been leading up to a very important end-of-April milestone. You
can now watch package build activity in the Stream 9 build system:

We started using these sources in the middle of March to complete our bootstrap
round. That was followed almost immediately by a mass rebuild on April 12th to
set the architecture baselines to POWER 9 and Z14 for the ppc64le and s390x
architectures respectively.

If you find your favorite package in GitLab, you can visit the ‘Merge Requests’
tab to see how the Fork/Merge Request/Build workflow works. RHEL maintainers
have been using this workflow for a few weeks now as part of regular
development. We’ll provide more posts this week to explain how to use the same
workflow, and work with maintainers who can evaluate your changes. If your
changes are merged into CentOS Stream they can directly affect RHEL 9.

## What you can do now
- Sign up for a gitlab.com account: https://gitlab.com/users/sign_up
- On Fedora install centpkg-0.6.3-1 from the updates/updates-testing repo
- On CentOS Stream 8 install centpkg-0.6.3-1 from the epel/epel-testing repo
- Pull package sources from gitlab.com
    - `centpkg clone -b c9s <pkgname>` gives you a dist-git checkout from gitlab
    - `centpkg sources` from your checkout pulls source tarballs from
the lookaside cache
- Download and inspect artifacts and logs for builds already in the build system
- Use `centpkg mockbuild` to try local builds of your own

## Plans for upcoming work
- Updates to the contributor guide which contains important requirements and
  guidelines for how to submit changes to CentOS Stream via Merge Request

- Availability of the Composes (including install media, cloud images,
container images)

- Announcements later this week describing upcoming milestones, new services,
  and when we expect to publish to the mirrors

Just a reminder: CentOS Stream 9 is still very early. We’re going to make lots
of changes together, and we’re quickly bringing up services to support our
long-term goal of having CentOS Stream 9 development continuously targeting the
next minor release of RHEL. Currently these packages are subject to RHEL gating
tests. We’ll be back with more about how that works, and what we’re doing to
increase our ability to run tests directly in CentOS Stream too.