[CentOS-devel] CentOS Stream 9 Compose Infrastructure is Available

Thu Apr 29 16:43:05 UTC 2021
Brian Stinson <bstinson at redhat.com>

Hi again folks,

I promised to provide updates as soon as we get new services wired up.
I have another one for us.

You can now visit https://composes.stream.centos.org/

This is the place where you'll find point-in-time test instances of
yum repos, install media, cloud images (coming soon), and other
artifacts. For right now we are generating composes for infrastructure
purposes and to test out our tooling, but there are a couple of
composes that do result in a working installer.

Some notes:
- RPMs and images are published unsigned in the Test composes right
now. We'll be back with an update about signing when that comes online

- For now composes are generated Ad-hoc, there is not an automatic
schedule yet but that's something that we're working on now that we
have the infrastructure ready

- We'll soon be including documentation on the different compose types
and what they mean, for now we are only generating 'Test' composes.
They can be found here: https://composes.stream.centos.org/test

- Because things are very early, we are not currently shipping .repo
files, we recommend doing fresh installs for testing purposes. Updates
from one compose to the next may work but are not tested

- Test composes will be cleaned up more frequently than the other
upcoming compose types, you can always find a fresh one by using the
latest-CentOS-Stream symlink in the test directory

Happy testing!