[CentOS-devel] Board of Directors: Nominations sought

Mon Apr 26 19:44:42 UTC 2021
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

** Please do read the message before responding with your nominations. 
We have a process, and if you don’t follow the process, it makes 
everything harder for everyone. **

** The process is to email centos-board-private at centos.org. Read on for 
more details. **

At the April Board of Directors meeting, we discussed the annual process 
of re-appointing the Board of Directors, as defined in our Governance 
documents. At that time, two directors indicated that they wished to 
step down, to focus on other things in their life and open the seats to 
new contributors.

(Historical note: The last time a director resigned, the Board simply 
appointed replacements with no public process. We believe that greater 
transparency is needed in this new chapter of our existence as a 
project, and are committed to making that happen.)

With two resignations, we have 8 Board seats filled. Our governance 
definition as it currently stands indicates 8 to 11 seats[1], so we’re 
still covered. However, we have decided to continue to seat 10 directors 
as part of the new Board.

To this end, we come to you, the CentOS Community, for nominations for 
who should fill those seats. We ask that you send nominations to 
centos-board-private at centos.org and NOT to this list. There are several 
reasons for this:

1) Our governance indicates that the Board selects the next Board. We do 
not have any defined notion of project “membership” or a voting class of 
any kind, other than the Board itself. We do not wish to give any false 
impression that a public vote will be held on this list.

2) We do not wish for this to devolve into a bikeshed over proposed names.

3) We do not wish for individuals named to assume that they have any 
particular advantage over other nominees, nor do we wish for anyone to 
be shamed, embarrassed, or disappointed, if they are named and then not 
seated on the Board.

The Board will collect those nominations, consider them at an upcoming 
meeting, and select the next Board at that time.

We ask, if you wish to nominate someone, to consider the list of 
director requirements/recommendations listed at 

Thank you for your participation in this important moment in our 
project’s history.

Rich, for the CentOS Board of Directors

[1] https://www.centos.org/about/governance/