[CentOS-devel] [EXT] Re: Missing build dependencies in CentOS 8 repositories

Tue Apr 13 16:57:10 UTC 2021
František Šumšal <frantisek at sumsal.cz>

Thanks a lot for all the responses!

On 4/13/21 8:45 AM, Troy Dawson wrote:
> Yes, this has been discussed before on the list.  And it's a rather sore
> point.
> There are several -devel packages that are available on INTERNAL RHEL
> repositories, but they are never released externally.
> Thus any RHEL customers are not able to use them to build things that
> depend on those libraries, such as your example, libuser.
> CentOS is a clone (warts and all) of RHEL, and thus doesn't have those
> -devel packages available either.
> It's been this way since the release of RHEL8.
> Has there been any progress?
> Yes, a bit.
> First, check to make sure there is a bugzilla open for whichever missing
> -devel package you need.
> Next, wait several months/years to see the debate go back and forth on
> the bug.  It's possible it might make it in.
> Sorry for the sad tone, it's just a battle I've been waging since before
> RHEL8 was released.  I've given up hope for them being released on
> RHEL8, though occasionally I am happily surprised.  One of the packages
> I've been fighting for will be released in RHEL 8.4 ... but that's just
> 1 out of 4.

I see, thanks for the confirmation. Last time I came across this was around
RHEL 8.1 release, but back then I simply dismissed it since RHEL 8 was still
relatively new. It's kind of sad it hasn't improved much since then.

I definitely agree with the "supportability" reason Johnny raised in the other
thread, but for -devel package it doesn't make much sense (at least to me).
On 4/13/21 5:49 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> and see what the other board members think about the issue.  I'll make
> sure the results make the minutes.
> This is an issue that I care about as a CentOS Project Board of
> Directors member.

Thanks a lot for this, Johnny, much appreciated!

Frantisek Sumsal
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