[CentOS-devel] Pre-release version of CentOS Stream 9.

Tue Aug 10 19:20:21 UTC 2021
Mike Rochefort <mroche at redhat.com>

On Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 1:58 PM Scott Dowdle <dowdle at montanalinux.org> wrote:
> They don't link to it on the front page but if you look around, you can find it.

It's not front and center, but on the Downloads page under Stream, the
9 group does
point to a mailing list announcement showing where the composes are. However,
the announcement only discusses the "test" composes. I think the links should be
adjusted to the July Newsletter blog post that goes into further
details about the
different composes, where development container images are, and some docs.


> Please note that once installed you can't use your package manager because
> the CS9 repositories haven't been setup yet

My understanding is there won't be any repos provided until packages are signed,
though the container image does provide one OOTB (not from an RPM though):

name=UNSIGNED CentOS Stream 9 BaseOS

name=UNSIGNED CentOS Stream 9 AppStream

name=UNSIGNED CentOS Stream 9 CRB

The above uses the "development" compose, and can be swapped out for the
"production" branch. You can also use "dnf config-manager --add-repo <url>",
but you'll end up with 3 repo files instead of one. I've created a
more "complete"
repo file that can be retrieved here:


The only steps required besides grabbing it (curl is always available
on a system)
is to put which compose branch you want (test, development, production) into
the /etc/dnf/vars/compose file.

Mike Rochefort