[CentOS-devel] Is there any way to follow errata for Stream 8?

Fri Aug 20 13:33:31 UTC 2021
Rich Bowen <rbowen at redhat.com>

On 8/20/21 12:25 AM, John R. Dennison wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 06:05:49AM +0200, Steven Rosenberg via CentOS-devel wrote:
>> Even emails like I see for for CentOS 7 would be ok.
> Sorry for the double reply but I was reminded of this after I post my
> previous reply.
> While not a perfect solution there exists an rss feed of all updates for
> 7, 8 and 8stream at https://feeds.centos.org/ that Fabian was nice
> enough to set up a couple years ago.

A year or so ago I mentioned this script - 
- which consumes (some of) those RSS feeds and generates some reports of 
what's new in a couple of different formats.

Caveat: I don't know if it still works, but I presume it does - RSS is RSS.

Caveat 2: The RSS contains the latest N updates. I never definitely 
determined what N is. So if N+1 updates were delivered at any given 
period between running the script, you'd miss 1 of them.

Caveat 3: I don't know what the future plans are for this service, and 
am not making any promises.